A League of Its Own

By Christian Martinez

Fun fact: There was a gap between the day Recreational Coffee opened their doors to the public and construction. A long gap. Luckily, that gave us a significant amount of time to train. While we did not master latte art, we gained a great amount of knowledge involving the complex science of coffee. In other words, we had to taste incredibly delicious coffee.

What a drag.

One Tuesday in particular, Bobby decided to train the cohort about Recreational's pour over method. I can’t speak for the others, but I was internally calm that morning. I had done pour overs with Bobby before.  I had this down! Then Bobby opened up the bag of coffee. At quick glance the bag read, Portola Elida. While Bobby explained just how amazing this bag of coffee was, to be completely honest, I don’t recall a single thing he said. All I remember was how good I felt as the aromas of this coffee engulfed my senses. The smell alone, was nothing that I had ever experienced before with coffee. Portola states there should be hints of Black Currant, Mango, Orange Blossom, and Cocoa. Honestly guys, all I could smell was strawberries. Freakin' strawberries; and it was magnificent. As we went step by step making each pour over for optimal flavor, I’m pretty sure all we could think about was how incredibly amazing these cups of coffee were going to be.

Yeah, we messed up each pour over that training day. Can you blame us?

Currently Recreational Coffee is using Portola’s Panama Elida Honey for our pour overs. The concrete difference between the Honey and Natural, is essentially the process. Most will agree, however, that they taste completely different in the best way. Every now and then, we will switch between the natural and honey roast. Portola’s Panama Elida is clearly subjective in what flavors you may taste, but I’m confident that at the end of your experience your palette will just be freakin' delicious. 

Interested in seeing this pour over in action? We're having pour over training on Thursday. If you want to know more about Portola’s Panama Elida Natural or Honey process, come out to our cupping event on Sunday. Check our Instagram for details!