An Ovation to an Old Friend

By Christian Martinez


One of my first surprises at Recreational Coffee occurred when I tried our iced coffee. When the shop first opened we were featuring Case Coffee Roasters' Ethiopia Mogeyes. Grown in Ooromia, Guji, roasted by Case, and combined with Bobby's modified Japanese method of brewing iced coffee, the beans' natural flavors of mango and peach energetically awoke my taste buds; I was immediately taken back to a childhood memory of a family vacation to the Mexican Carribbean.


I thought to myself I might be drinking the kool-aid. I work here so, maybe it's just mind-altering to me.  Implicit bias is a powerful thing. 

As consumer after consumer came in, however, I noticed a significant amount of costumers seemed as stunned as I was. A few even gave me a look of accusation as if I was putting something extra in their coffee. Alas, I assured as many people as I could, this delightful roast was 100% coffee.

In case I'm not being clear, this is a complement--some may say my ode; my ode to amazingly refreshing coffee. While Recreational is currently using a Kenya roast from Case, it is just as mind altering as the Mongeyes; we have made sure of it. Regardless, there will always be a special place in my heart for the nostalgia-inducing first brew. We think yours will be just as special.